Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take walk-ins?

No. It is by appointment only.

Where is your office?

I have a couple of offices in Mesa; in my home near Higley and University, and Simply Ravishing Salon near Baseline and Gilbert. I take clients by appointment only. You will receive the address in your appointment confirmation email and text.

Are you licensed?

Yes, I have been licensed and insured for 30 years. Licensing is required by AZ state law, so any legitimate therapist will have an Arizona massage license, or a reciprocal license from another state.

Do you take insurance?


How long is a session?

I offer 60 and 90 minute sessions, and those are full 60 and 90 minute sessions, not partial hours like some other places. I add an additional 15 minutes each appointment time to account for logistics.

Is there anything I need to do?

This session is about doing you the most good.
Before- You will be best served by coming hydrated, and having thought about what you want out of the session that day.
During- This is your session. Please speak up if you have any questions, concerns or preferences (like needing lighter or deeper pressure in an area). It only works well if it's working for you. Don't "tough out the pain", or just wish I would go deeper. Say something to ensure you are getting what you need.
After- Remember we are kicking your bodies' healing ability in. If you can rest, or at least have a gentler few hours, or rest of the day, it will allow more of your energy to go toward continuing to heal. And drink water.

How often do I need to get bodywork?

You can come as often as you wish. What I do kicks in the bodies' healing ability, and corrects things at a deep level, so what is done can't be undone. You will add stress layers on top since that is the system of things we live in. You have many layers underneath that will come to the surface for attention once your body sees it can get some healing done, but what is reset is reset. The length of time between sessions is more about how many layers of stress do we have to get through. The more often you come, the deeper we can go. The less you come, we spend more time working through the additional layers of stress that have accumulated since your last visit.

Do I tip?

I charge what I feel is appropriate for my services. I accept tips, but do not expect them.

Which Therapy is the Best for Me?

Every time you come in, we will talk, assess what is going on with your body, and decide on what will work best that session. I have many "tools" in my therapy "toolkit" to get the most benefit out of each session.


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