Ahna Weston has been a therapist since 1983, when she graduated from WestWind Massage School in Phoenix, AZ. She was very fortunate to have a ©Rolfer as her teacher. She gave Ahna her first glimpse at the power of the connective tissue to restoring health. Ahna quickly discovered Dr. John Upledgers work, CranioSacral Therapy, and proceeded to take up through the Advanced Level of CranioSacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute, and became a layman teacher of the basic concepts of CranioSacral Therapy for home use.

Ahna is constantly taking classes, sometimes multiple classes, per year. Not all get highlighted in her office, but all have facets worth integrating into her practice. She will tell you the heart of her therapy centers on the connective tissue, its connection to the nervous system and brain, and working with the fight-or-flight system to help your body balance itself.

Ahna has had health issues (brain and body) over the course of her life that pushed her into finding out more about how the body works, the core reasons why when it doesn't, and the best way to manage health. She looks at the whole person and how they are walking through their life, not just the aches and pains, and passes on what she's learned to help you.

She is passionate about helping people, and teaching them new ways to walk through their lives; physically, mentally, emotionally.

Here are some of the reviews Ahna has received over the course of her 30 years in practice:

I am writing this note to recommend Ahna Weston to you. I have known and worked with Ahna for about 10 years. I know her to be an excellent resource for patients in need of bodywork. She is able to help integrate structure and function as well as emotion. She is able to work with doctors to improve their patients' health.
- Dr. Dana Keaton

My name is Janis Gruska. I am a naturopathic physician specializing in women and children's healthcare. During the past three years, I have been referring my pediatric patients to Ahna Weston for CranioSacral Therapy. I can say with confidence that she has contributed significantly to the health and well-being of the patients under her care. Not only do children I refer gain benefits from her therapeutic intervention, the parents are delighted with their interactions with her. She is professional, engaging, and Compassionate. She works extremely well with children and has always kept me appraised with the progress of each child I have entrusted to her care.
It is a pleasure to refer to a practitioner with such skills and integrity as Ahna Weston. I would highly recommend her as an adjunct therapist to any health care practitioner.
- Dr. Janis Gruska

Dear Ahna, CranioSacral Therapy has given me a great deal of relief from sciatica. I have had many other types of massage for this specific problem and had received only temporary palliative relief - I feel that we identified the emotional issue that had caused me to be "stuck" and it has not flared up again....I am grateful for the technique you used and the compassionate manner in which you used them. You have gifted hands and spirit.
Peace, love and joy,
- Karen S.

Ahna is excellent. My rheumatoid arthritis is better with each session.
- Nell F.

My neck is my worst part, and the deep but gentle pressure you use gives me a lot of relief.
- Tosh M.

Ahna has helped me more than any medication or surgery ever has. In one session my neck was more flexible and in less pain than 6 months of physical therapy. Ahna has helped me with my arthritis, spinal fusions, and fibromyalgia more than any medical doctor has been able to. I would and have recommended her to anyone who needs help with a muscular or skeletal problem.
- Cynthia A.

You are wonderful & worth every penny & more. After two sessions I'm already almost 100%.
- Jeanine B.

Ahna is the BEST!
always on time always caring . always knows exactly the that treatment I need and using her special "touch " in a matter of utmost knowledge and love, leaves me so relaxed, and makes my whole body work better! Ahna is a total package of strength, professional with caring love and confidence.We can all benefit from her. Thanks Ahna!

Had my very first cranialSacral treatment on 3/21/17. It was more (in every way) than I expected. Ahna is warm, intuitive, and exudes wonderful vibes. I can hardly wait to make my next appointment. If I had to give up 4 meals a month it would be worth every penny. Now I just need to figure out which meals. Seriously, Ahna is superb. The way my body feels and my energy level and my inner peace have all been given a great gift. Everyone will certainly benefit from Ahna's healing touch. She is gifted, genuine and caring.
- Christie R

Ahna is a Truly Gifted Healer
I have been seeing Ahna for massage and cranial-sacral treatment for several years. She always puts me at ease, and I always feel energetically different after my session. More balanced, calmer, more at ease in my body. While Ahna always conducts herself as a professional, she is also always warm and friendly, with a great smile. I have seen many bodywork practitioners over the years and while most have been very good at what they do, none have been more knowledgeable or gifted than Ahna. I highly recommend you book a session with her, your body will thank you.
- Steve M

My Session with Ahna
I experienced immediate results. Leg pain no more, and better brain function, including overall sense of well-being. Thank you Ahna!
- Joy M

- Carole H

Winning combination
Ahna's healing hands and compassionate spirit give the winning combination to help your ailing body, mind and spirit.
- Evelyn M

Worth it!!
The CranioSacral Therapy was recommended by a friend and I'm so glad I tried it. I didn't know what to expect but some things felt better after my very first session. Hoping to get the rest of family going soon.
- Deidre P

Amazing Talent!
I've been receiving massage work for over 30 years now and have enjoyed many modalities and styles of massage technique. I'm so happy to have found Ahna who's techniques integrate facia and craniosacral work, heaven! Her technique and methods feel more effective than my previously favored deep tissue and Rolfing experiences.
- Ted Johnson

Just what my back needed
After twisting up my lower back again, my wife made me an appointment with Ahna. Had tremendous relief by end of massage. Thank you so much.

Perfect for my nerves
Made an appointment for cranial sacral therapy appt. This helped my nervous system/fibro. Provided a lot of relief to even leg circulation. Thank you Ahna

Such a wonderful experience. The business title definitely represents the work. It was beneficial for both my body and mind. Loved the body work.
- Alex G

I appear to be coping with anxiety and stress much better.

Structural overview
I found that's the sessions I've had have benefited me physically and also Remedied a lower back pain I had.

CranioSacral Therapy
Had therapy yesterday. Today I feel better than I've felt in months!

The refreshing pause
An appt w/Ahna is like making an appt for a new body...or renewed to say the least. Her knowledge, perception & compassion of the human body truly sets her apart from other health care providers.T/U Ahna for all your TLC !
- Carlene C

Magic Hands
Ahna has been caring for my body for 10 years and she is wonderful. I have never had a better massage in my life.

Amazing turnaround
Received Cranial Sacral therapy for the first time and was amazed on how just one session made a difference. Feel more energy, I can breath better, and overall less pain. Ahna is truly a professional and listens to your needs so that she can better help you. I would definitely recommend. Thank you
- Annie Mae R

Profound work!
I was absolutely amazed at my results! Most noticeable was the painful TMJ I've suffered with for 15 years is almost completely gone!
- Jocelyn H

Awesome Massage
I have been looking for the right massage practitioner since moving to Phoenix. After meeting Ahna, I knew she was what I was looking for! Her expertise and skill was amazing, and I feel so much more balanced after just one visit.
- Sugar K

Relief at last
Wonderful experience. The next day I find the results are "total body" I can actually feel the difference. I'm surprised at the difference in my all around relief. Thank you so much
- Susan H

Very satisfied with service
Thoughtful, professional, very comfortable surroundings. Communication was very much appreciated too. Thank you.