Which Therapy is the Best for Me?

When you come in, Ahna will use her 20 years of knowledge and experience to assess what is going on with your body.  She will then use the best therapeutic "tools" from her massage "toolkit" that are the most beneficial to you in each session.

CranioSacral Therapy

CST is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system - comprised of the connective tissue (fascia) and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord, and includes the brain, spinal cord, nerves, head bones and vertebrae.

CranioSacral Therapy uses light hand pressure, position, heat to amp up the body’s own healing ability and at a cellular level, start restructuring the fascia so that it becomes more supple and fluid, breaks down adhesions, releases restrictions, and reworks the tissues so they function more efficiently.

Essential Oil Therapy

Essential Oil Therapy uses a sequence of nine highly anti-microbial essential oils dropped gently on the spine along with massage and heat to alleviate these issues.

We all carry viruses and bacteria - which deplete our immune system. Everyone benefits from Essential Oil Therapy because the spinal column contains nerves that feed the entire body. It is soothing and relaxing, and can continue to benefit the body for days to weeks or months after the application.

Essential Oil Therapy

If you are interested in ordering products, please contact Ahna Weston at beneficialbodyandmind@gmail.com
Telephone: 623-225-9525 or use the online shopping cart below.

Oil Treatments Suggested Use Price
Allspice  Rheumatic pain, used in cooking, insecticide 12ml $13.00
Ambrette Seed Muscle & joint pain, depression, tension 5ml $40.00
Amyris Sedative, woody 12ml $12.00
Angelica Heart, colds, fertility & perfumes 5ml $40.00
Anise Star Colds, coughs, Used in food, use in moderation 12ml $12.00
Basil Anxiety, nerves, emotions 12ml $12.00
Bay West Indian Respiratory, neuralgia, stress, skin care 12ml $12.00
Benzoin  Acne, anxiety, relaxant 12ml $12.00
Bergamot Uninary tract, depression, stress, skin care 12ml $12.00
Birch  Tendonitis, fever, helps remove toxins 12ml $12.00
Black Pepper Stimulant of both emotional and physical 12ml $18.00
Buddha Wood Earthy, used for meditation 5ml $14.00
Cajeput  Colds, flu, promotes alertness, urinary track infection 12ml $14.00
Caraway Seed Release toxins, aids in digestion, poor appetite 12ml $12.00
Cardamom  Anorexia, colic, cramps, heartburn 5ml $18.00
Carrot Seed Arthritis, gout, eczema, psoriasis, PMS, skin care 12ml $20.00
Cassia  Digestive complaints, diarrhea, cinnamon like 12ml $12.00
Cedarwood Atlas Acne, cellulite, liver, water retention 12ml $12.00
Celery Seed Neuralgia, liver conditions, muscles, toxins, tonic 12ml $12.00
Chamomile German Stress reducer, digestive aid, PMS, depression 5ml $36.00
Chamomile, English (Roman) More mental than physical relaxer 5ml $36.00
Champaca,Attar Mood uplifting, strong perfume 5ml $10.00
Cinnamon Leaf Antiviral, stimulant, muscle tone 12ml $10.00
Cistus (Rock Rose)(Labdanum, Rose of Sharon) Wrinkles, coughs 5ml $36.00
Citronella Insect repellant, colds, flu, fatigue, rheumatic pain 12ml $12.00
Clary Sage Insomnia, frigidity, PMS, hormone balancer 12ml $14.00
Clove Bud Warts, mouth disinfectant, mental fatigue, tooth aches 12ml $12.00
Coffee (CO2)  Full bodied, flavoring (1 or 2 drops) 5ml $12.00
Coriander  Anxiety, poor memory, circulatory stimulant 12ml $12.00
Cypress  Asthma, coughs, flu, menopause, varicose veins  12ml $12.00
Dill Seed Parasites, bronchitis, flatulence, lact of a period 12ml $12.00
Elemi  Skin healing, nervous exhaustion, aged skin 12ml $10.00
Eucalyptus Dives Cuts, sores boils,asthms,arthritis 12ml $10.00
Eucalyptus, Glob Burns, muscle aches, arthritis, sprains, headache 12ml $10.00
Eucalyptus, Lemon Athlete's foot, fungal infections, dandruff, herpes 12ml $10.00
Eucalyptus, Polybr Antiviral, cuts, respiratory (Blue Leaf) 12ml $10.00
Eucalyptus, Radiata Muscle aches, colds 12ml $10.00
Fennel  Bruises, constipation, gout, menstrual pain, detox 12ml $12.00
Fir, Balsam Anxiety, urinary tract, flu 12ml $10.00
Fir Needle Respiratory, throat 12ml $10.00
Frankincense Skin care, weak immune system, indigestion, meditation  12ml $40.00
Galangal  Cough, sprains, pains 5ml $20.00
Galbanum  Wrinkles, abscesses, acne, heals scar tissue, asthma 5ml $20.00
Geranium  Acne, broken capillaries, congested skin, hemorrhoids 12ml $20.00
Ginger  Loss of appetite, motion sickness, muscle aches 12ml $16.00
Ginger Grass Perfume, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, throat & sinus 12ml $8.00
Goldenrod  Tonsillitis, most heart conditions, age spots, incontinence 12ml $24.00
Grapefruit  Acne, oily skin, cellulite, obesity, appetite suppress 12ml $10.00
Helichrysum Itali. Boils, liver, nerve regeneration, spleen 5ml $45.00
Ho Wood (camphor) Arrhythmia, hypo-tension, heart complications 12ml $11.00
Hyssop  Eczema, muscles, low or high blood pressure, rheumatism 12ml $22.00
Jasmine(Sambac or Gran.) Anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia,perfume 5ml $45.00
Juniper  Acne, hair loss, oily complexions, obesity, colds 12ml $18.00
Laurus Nobilus (Bay) Bronchitis, colds, muscles, rheumatism 12ml $15.00
Lavender, Angusta Adapagen, body balancer, burns, headaches 12ml $11.00
Lavender, Spike Skin care, hair use, chest congestion 12ml $10.00
Lemon  Acne, age spots, varicose veins, colds, throat infections 12ml $8.00
Lemon Myrtle Sedative, depression, antiviral  12ml $12.00
Lemongrass  Athlete's foot, tissue toner, acne, excessive perspiration 12ml $10.00
Lime  Anemia, brittle nails, cellulite warts, circulation 12ml $8.00
Linden Blossom Cramps, liver pain, depression ADD, indigestion 5ml $45.00
Litsea Cubeba Greasy Skin, flatulence, indigestion, acne 12ml $10.00
Lotus  Perfume, beautiful 5ml $10.00
Mandarin  Scars, muscles & joints, hiccups, nervous tension, obesity 12ml $8.00
Manuka  Allergies, arthritis, fungal infections, poor circulation 12ml $12.00
Marigold, Calendula Burns, psoriasis, varicose veins, liver 12ml $12.00
Marjoram  Muscle pain, digestion, bruises, ticks, colic headaches 12ml $12.00
Mastic  Diarrhea, muscles & joints, sciatica, circulation 5ml $20.00
Melissa, Lemon Balm Depression, insomnia, grief, migraine 5ml $20.00
Mugwort (Armoise) Stimulate menses, increase dreams (caution) 5ml $8.00
Myrrh  Gingivitis, hyperthyroid, wrinkles, voice loss 5ml $20.00
Myrtle  Open pores, coughs, colds, children's chest complains 12ml $14.00
Neroli, (Orange Blos.) Hysteria, emotional shock, insomnia, depression 5ml $45.00
Nerolina  Cancer preventative, dermal uptake enhancer, urinary 12ml $14.00
Nialouli  Sinusitis, coughs, whooping cough, colds, muscles 12ml $12.00
Nutmeg  Gout, indigestion, rheumatism, impotence, fatigue 12ml $10.00
Oakmoss  Respiratory, headaches, grounding (thick) 12ml $14.00
Orange  Obesity, muscles, colds, flu, nervous tension 12ml $8.00
Oregano  Strong antiviral, muscle pain, flu, throat preventative 12ml $14.00
Palmarosa  Scars, intestinal infections, hormones 12ml $12.00
Parsley  Accumulation of toxins, arthritis, cellulite, urinary infect 12ml $18.00
Patchouli  Depression, acne, sores anti-fungal, wrinkles 12ml $12.00
Peppermint  Acne, neuralgia, asthma, palpitations, head colds 12ml $9.00
Petitgrain  Excess perspiration, insomnia, nervous exhaustion 12ml $10.00
Pine  Muscles, circulation, arthritis, poor circulation 12ml $9.00
Ravensara  Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia,antiviral, mononucleosis 12ml $14.00
Rosalina (Lavender tea-tree) Acne, boils, insomnia, stress, herpes 12ml $14.00
Rose  Broken capillaries, wrinkles, impotence, uplift 5ml $45.00
Rose Hip Seed Skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, radiation treatment 1oz $4.00
Rosemary  Dandruff, dermatitis, promotes hair growth, varicose veins 12ml $12.00
Rosewood  Scars, wounds, wrinkles, colds, frigidity (safe) 12ml $12.00
Sage  Cellulite, anemia, colds, candida, low blood pressure 12ml $12.00
Sandalwood  Cracked skin, throat, cystisis, depression, insomnia 5ml $40.00
Savory, Mountain Anti-fungal, nervous exhaustion,(caution) 12ml $12.00
Sea Buckthorn Mood uplifting, skin, wrinkles, circulatory stimulant 12ml $14.00
Spearmint  Fatigue, colic, acne, colds, fever, asthma 12ml $8.00
Spikenard  Allergies, stress, tension, insomnia, rash, meditation 5ml $24.00
Spruce, Black Circulation, muscles, anxiety, stress, meditation 12ml $10.00
Tagetes  Bunions, fungal infections, skin care 12ml $15.00
Tangerine  Anxiety, cellulite, circulation, water retention 12ml $8.00
Tansy, Blue Stimulant, digestion, nerves, tonic 5ml $40.00
Tarragon  Anorexia, intestinal spasms, digestion, PMT 12ml $24.00
Tea Tree Anti-fungal, cold sores, age spots, asthma, cystisis (safe) 12ml $8.00
Thyme  Anthax, acne, abscesses, lice, circulation (caution) 12ml $14.00
Tomar  Perfume, higher freq. stimulant  12ml $10.00
Tsuga, Spruce Uterine prolapse, bronchitis, muscles, colds, flu 12ml $15.00
Tumeric  Circulation, menstrual problems, liver, arthritis 12ml $10.00
Vanilla  Calming, stress, insomnia, stress, dreaming 5ml $30.00
Vetiver  Depression, insomnia, stress, acne, arthritis, sprains 12ml $12.00
Wintergreen  Joints, arthritis, astringent, diuretic 12ml $10.00
Yarrow, Blue High blood pressure, thrombosis, constipation 5ml $24.00
Yarrow, White Hard to heal wounds, rheumatism,liver & gallbladder stim  12ml $12.00
Ylang Ylang Insomnia, tension, anger, relaxer 12ml $18.00


Headache Relief A "mint-lemon" fragranced roll-on to be applied to 4 key locations on the temples, between the eyes and the back of the neck for the lessening of headaches. A combination of 12 natural esssential oils in a natural carrier oil. Much more complex than most essential oil headache blends, this blend may relieve most types of headaches. A very small amount is needed, more is not better. The effects are very natural and can last for up to 3 hours. The pleasant odor will dissipate in a half hour to one hour. For occasional use, severe headaches or reoccuring headaches should see a medical professional. 12 ml $12.00
Fresh Mouth A "Clove-Cinnamon" taste and odor. This blend of 9 essential oils when added to your toothpaste will destroy most types of bacteria including strong food odors on the breath. Only one drop is all that is needed to be effective. Customers have reported of reduction in gingivitis if used regularly. It is not recommended for use as a breath freshner unless added to water to use as a gargle. Fresh mouth can be used in several other ways due to its disinfecting effect, 1.)such as rubbing 2 drops on the hands and smelling the odor or 2.) rub on the bottom of the feet or 3.) if used on any other parts of the body it must be dilluted (1 or 2 drops) with a lotion or vegetable oil. The odor dissipates in 3-4 hours. 12 ml $12.00
SIX "L" BLEND A "Lemon-Lavender Citrus" scent consisting of a blend of six beautiful essential oils. The combined properties are truly amazing. They include helping with asthma, insect bites, cleaning and clearing the skin, nausea, insomnia, act as a non-allergenic deodorant, reduce nervous tension and most importantly PURIFY THE AIR. Can also be added to the bath (to relax) or shampoo (to stimulate the scalp). 12 ml $12.00
Gout A great aantinflammatory 12 ml $25.00

Carrier Oils per/1oz. 

Evening Primrose Contains GLA's balance hormones 1oz $4.00
Foraha (Tamanu) Helpful for Shingles, herpes, remove debris in wound  1oz $4.00
Hazelnut Vit. A,B &E easy penetration, moisture retension 1oz $1.50
Jojoba  Readily absorbed, close to the oil in hair follicle 1oz $1.50
Kukui Nut (Hawaii) Skin healer, high in EFA's 1oz $4.50
Macadamia  Antioxidant to skin cells, close to natural skin oil 1oz $1.50
Neem  Strong antifungal, athlete's foot, pesticide, strong smell 1oz $2.00
Rosehip Seed Contains GLA's, Vit. C helps scaring, reduces wrinkles 1oz $4.00
Shea Butter Vit. E natural sun screen, thick, all natural, quickly absorbs  1oz $3.00

Each oil has a suggested use. Since some of these oils have been used for over a thousand years by various cultures, the uses of the oils are not inclusive and are based on historical, practical and chemical breakdown suggestions. Some oils have over 200 components in their make-up. Each oil has its own character. Other oils are available upon request. The uses stated for each oil are not meant to be a substitute for health care. See your physician for any health problems.